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Convert your Computer into a Child's Activity Center!

Do you have a small child or baby that likes to bang on your keyboard? Small children just love to press all those buttons! But, you certainly don't want your child editing your email or spreadsheets.

BabyType is a Windows-based software program that converts your computer into an Activity Center for your child. Specifically, BabyType allows your child to safely play on the computer without the possibility of getting into any other program or data on your computer. (The only way to exit the program is by using the mouse.)

BabyType rewards your child every time a key is pressed on the keyboard. In particular, a sound effect is played on the computer's speakers, and a visual effect is displayed on the screen. Every key produces a unique sound and visual effect.


5 Play Modes

There are 5 different Play Modes in BabyType. Click on the links below to see a sample of how each play mode works:

10-day Demo Version is Now Available!

The demo version is fully functional, but will only operate for 10-days after you first run the program. To continue playing BabyType after the demo period has ended, the software must be purchased.

BabyType sells for just $19.

To download the BabyType Demo, click here.

To purchase BabyType, click here.