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10-Day Demo

Raize Software is pleased to provide a Demonstration Version of BabyType for you to download and try out on your own computer. The demo version is fully functional, but will only operate for 10-days from the time you first run the program. To continue playing BabyType after the demo period has ended, the software must be purchased.

To Install the BabyType Demo:

  1. First, you need to download the BabyType Demo Installation Program (BT2Demo.exe) to your computer. When you click on the link below, you should be asked to specify where you want to save the BT2Demo.exe program. Please remember this location (you may want to write it down), it will be needed in the second step.

    Download BT2Demo.exe

  2. The second step is to run the BT2Demo.exe installation program.

    Click the Start button, and then click on the Run... menu item.

    Next, click the [Browse...] button and then navigate to the location where you saved the BT2Demo.exe program (in step 1).

    Select the BT2Demo.exe program and then click the [Open] button.

    Next, click the [OK] button to start the BabyType Demo Installation Program. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

  3. When the installation is finished, a new program group called BabyType will available. Inside the group is an icon for starting BabyType. A BabyType icon is also added to your Windows desktop.

If you have any problems installing the BabyType Demo, please send an email message to: babytype@raize.com.