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ScratchPad is a general-purpose text editor with features typically found in programming editors.  For instance, edit multiple files at the same time in a sleek tabbed interface.

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Syntax Highlighting

ScratchPad supports syntax highlighting a variety of file types including: HTML, INI Files, Delphi/Object Pascal, C#, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL, and Batch/Command files.

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Advanced Features

ScratchPad also provides advanced editing features such as AutoCorrect, Keyboard Templates, and Bookmarks.  Plus, you can even customize the keystrokes used to invoke editing functions.

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Multi-File Searching

Search for text across multiple files (including sub-directories).  The results of each multi-file search are displayed in a separate tab.


ScratchPad provides full support for printing including a powerful Print Preview engine.

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