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"I use CodeSite EVERY day and couldn't adjust to not having it. It would be like programming without running under debug. It is an awesome product and one of the most stable things I use. Thanks for the hard work you've (obviously) put into it!

Ryan McGinty

"Having used CodeSite Professional for over three weeks, I am very glad I have it. Being quite busy at times, I was hesitant to start using it, since this was another thing to get familiar with. However, due to its common structure, the CodeSite debugger fit seamlessly into my C++ applications, and the learning curve was not too steep at all.

Using CodeSite Pro I debug much faster and more complete, without even having explored all its options yet! Now I can program faster and better. A great product with a super short return of investment.

Henk Meewis

"If anyone reading this is *thinking* of getting CodeSite, but is wondering whether it will make a difference I can assure them that it will.

Awesome. It's like magic, being able to extract exactly the information you want from an application regardless of whether it is running in the Delphi IDE or not.

CodeSite has saved me hours and hours of extreme pain while allowing me the never before known luxury of being able to concentrate on quality and features rather than having to make large allowances of time for debugging and testing.

I've just been working on a program, part of which involved producing some pretty extreme pre-processed HTML. If it weren't for the fact that I can view the contents of all TStringLists produced and copy the contents of whichever one I want into my clipboard, then I would never have finished it so quickly nor so confident that it was, in fact, complete and stable. Brilliant.

So, I just wanted to say thanks to all concerned for producing this wonderful product."

Charles Line
CLS Web Development Ltd.

"CodeSite Professional ROCKS!

Please excuse this interruption but I felt I just had to let you know how absolutely impressed I am with CodeSite 2 Professional (and let me tell you, I DON'T impress easily)!

All too often I hear people talk about software products that "are indispensable" or are "something that will revolutionize the way you work". CodeSite is the first product I have ever encountered which actually lives up to this kind of hype. I will honestly never code without it again (at least until CodeSite 3 comes out!!).

Using it, I was able to track down a problem in minutes which had been taking our development staff hours to (unsuccessfully) track. Its power and ease of use are simply amazing. When I first read the reviews, I will admit I didn't think I would have a great need for it as I already had a collection of debugging tools; I was also skeptical about the price. Boy was I ever wrong!

Unlike my other testing applications, there is no real learning curve for using CodeSite. For the most part, by simply dropping a component and adding a line or two of code I was able to find the answers to my problems within minutes. Other tools I have force me to either write a testing script or wade through over-extensive output to try and locate the information I need. CodeSite provides me with the information I want, when I want it. I like that in a utility. It makes me feel like the software is working for me and not me working for the software.

Regarding the price, after seeing it in action and having it solve my problems in minutes, I would have gladly paid more than what you were asking!"

Rich Ackerson

"There are virtually no limits to the sort of information that can be retrieved, remotely, from an executing Delphi program."

"CodeSite is a very flexible, powerful, and easy to use debugging tool."

Dave Jewell
The Delphi Magazine, June 2001

"CodeSite has saved me countless hours of debugging time on lot's of different Delphi projects, not just Web Server Extensions. I would not consider writing another Web Server Extension without CodeSite."

Malcolm Groves
Madrigal Technologies Pty Ltd.

"Over the past several months I've been using CodeSite 1.1 and CodeSite 2.0 on the development of a new commercial product called PathSecure, there is not doubt in my mind that if I did not have CodeSite we'd never have finished our product."

James Dooley

"I just wanted to give you a great big thank you for creating CodeSite. This product has saved me much time and headaches in tracking down problems. It is like having a cat scan for code. I purchased this product last summer in San Diego and I am so glad I did. I especially like the custom formatters in v2. I do a great deal of engineering application development that can get complex at times and trying to verify that the code is giving correct answers is vital. CodeSite is the primary tool I use to get it right. Thanks again."

Mike Stephenson
KRC Technologies, Inc.

"Love this product, it really is by far the best debug tool I have ever used. The ability to log the specific events that occurred on a User's own machine before an error makes recreating bugs a cinch (well most of the time anyway)!"

John Faris
Telecom Solutions International Ltd

"CodeSite is the Single Best Add-On for Delphi."

Doug Chamberlin
D. Lawton Associates

"CodeSite was crucial in the development of our Delphi add-on CodeRush. Compared to the other available debugging tools, CodeSite consistently helped us find the most bugs in the shortest time. It is now an essential part of our debugging toolset; one that is relied on heavily. Highly recommended."

Mark Miller
President, Eagle Software

"What an excellent tool.  I've only been using it a couple of days and it's changed my way of thinking about debugging so that I almost forgot what it's like not to use it."

Adam Roslon

"Regarding the product, I have just found something that is worth the package: when hooking into the application main window (Delphi itself), even if I do not filter the incoming messages (so I get several hundreds every ten seconds) CodeSite keeps recording every single one. It neither chokes nor take the focus away. To me this is one of the most difficult test I could have put CodeSite through."

"Thanks for a great product !!"

George Pujol
Pujol Computer Consulting Inc.

"Wow, what a cool product!"

"We have developed a high-end voicemail server using Delphi 3.0. The product supports up to 128 simultaneous telephony connections via a multi-threaded architecture."

"CodeSite is the first debugging tool that I have found that lets me easily debug each thread's activity. I simply include various CodeSite.SendXXXX method calls at various important points in each threads execution, run a session, then analyse the resulting log. It sure beats using a regular "breakpoint / watch approach" or dumping the details to a text file."

Mark C. Brooks

"I am really really excited by this product. It goes without saying that Raize Software has got something on the ball, but this baby is so flexible! One of the things I like is being able to send a component to it at any time, and it captures ALL THE PROPERTIES for me, which I can get to show up in its own little window (I can even make one little floating window for each property I want, making it WAY easy to compare)"

Jim Mack

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