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Top 10 Reasons to Purchase CodeSite

1. No need to convert data to string format before logging it. The CodeSite object provides methods for dealing with all standard data types and even provides methods for sending objects, bitmaps, string lists, collections, rectangles, points, colors, plus much more.  CodeSite even supports sending custom formatted data giving you complete flexibility.

2. No hidden side effects. That is, CodeSite does not change the focus or interrupt the program which can cause additional events (repainting, mouse moves, etc.) to occur.

3. All CodeSite messages are typed. In the Viewer, each message type is identified by a unique icon. This makes it much easier to locate important information in the message log.

4. Can be used for all types of development: Applications, DLLs, Components, Assemblies, Packages, COM/ActiveX objects and servers, etc.

5. CodeSite messages can be sent directly to a CodeSite Log File--even while the application is running on a client's computer.

6. Sending/logging CodeSite messages is fast and reliable.

7. Isolating messages in the CodeSite Viewer into separate views is a snap with the CodeSite Message Organizer.

8. The CodeSite Viewer provides an extensive set of navigation tools to help you locate problems faster.

9. CodeSite supports several ways of grouping and categorizing your messages. For example, each CodeSite object has its own Category property, which can be filtered dynamically by the CodeSite Dispatcher. Messages in the same category also appear with the same background color in the CodeSite Viewer.  Plus, messages sent to the CodeSite Viewer can be grouped by which method the messages were generated. This adds an incredible amount of structure to the information sent to CodeSite and provides a concise way of viewing the control flow of your code.

10. Great for use in a testing environment to provide more information to developers.