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"I was also impressed by the cunning way in which [Raize Software] separated the data-aware components from their 'unaware' brethren. ...it shows the sort of attention to detail that Raize Components are noted for."

"The Raize tab/page controls, and indeed, all the other Raize components, have a default style which fits comfortably into the standard XP 'look' that's becoming increasingly pervasive. Some third-party components simply look too outlandish to be tasteful, while others have a rather dated appearance. I think Raize Components gets this delicate balance just right."

"Priced at $349 it's not one of the cheapest Delphi component libraries around, but it's definitely one of the best."

"The help is excellent and is automatically integrated into the IDE when you install the product. Need to update the library path to point at the new set of packages? Not with Raize you don't, it's all done for you."

"When building the user interface for a new application, you obviously want to use attractive, modern-looking components. It's tempting to save [some money] by using the various freeware or open source controls around, but with a few notable exceptions you generally get what you pay for! Raize Components 3.0 is one of a relatively small number of Delphi component toolkits that, in my opinion, derserve a 'must-have' rating. If you do any serious development with Delphi or C++Builder, this product will pay for itself very quickly."

Dave Jewell
The Delphi Magazine

"This is not just a set of components to sit on the palette, it includes a suite of property and component editors and context sensitive menus, all of which are well designed and make life a lot easier."

"One of the most amazing facilities that RC3 gives is in the context menu for the standard Delphi form."

"The extras that are provided are what makes the Raize Components the first I consider when building apps, and RC3 has added a great deal that will make my life easier. For existing users, an upgrade is an easy decision. For new users, it is well worth a good evaluation as a truly professional component set that will save you time and give your development and your apps polish."

Matthew Jones
UK-BUG Developers' Magazine

"In all my years of programming I have never seen an interface that made me so completely jealous...until now. Raize Components 3 is truly an awesome-looking product. This is far and away the overall best-looking Windows interface I have ever seen. The coolest part is that I don't have to be jealous, I now have everything necessary to get that awesome look!"

"Thanks for creating such an awesome product. To me, it's worth more than 100 times what I paid for it."

Richard A. Howard
InfiniThink Corporation

"These components are really brilliant, they simply make the standard Delphi components obsolete!"

Luke Grews
Adams & AdamsCompany

"Thanks very much for your reply and help. Not only are your components excellent, but so is your service and support. Raize Components and CodeSite have turned out to be our best purchase ever (next to Delphi of course)."

Alan Wickham
Exe Software

"Attention to detail is one of the things that differentiates this package from others on the market."

Ron Loewy
Delphi Informant Magazine

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