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Embarcadero Technologies Acquires Raize Components and CodeSite

Embarcadero Technologies has aqcuired Raize Components and CodeSite from Raize Software. Raize Components has been rebranded as the Konopka Signature VCL Controls. Both products are now available from the Embarcadero Online Store.

Embarcadero Press Release

All Raize Software Products Now Support RAD Studio XE8

Raize Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of:

Raize Components 6.1.12

Click here for details

CodeSite Studio 5.1.8

Click here for details

Radiant Shapes 1.0.1

Click here for details

DropMaster 2.4.5

Click here for details

Inspex 2.6.5

Click here for details

All products have been updated to include support for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8. The new builds are free for all registered users of the respective products.

Delphi Developers Days 2015 with Ray Konopka and Cary Jensen

Raize Software's founder and president, Ray Konopka, joins Cary Jensen for the 2015 Delphi Developer Days Tour (www.delphideveloperdays.com). Delphi Developer Days is an annual tour of two-day Delphi events that uniquely combines intense Delphi training with an intimate conference/meeting setting.

Cities and dates for the Delphi Developer Days 2015 tour are:

  • Chicago, USA:13-14 April 2015
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 23-24 April 2015
  • Oslo, Norway: 7-8 May 2015
  • Frankfurt, Germany: 11-12 May 2015

For more information, including press releases, about Delphi Developer Days, and to register for one of the events, please visit www.delphideveloperdays.com.

Raize Palette Menu Updated for RAD Studio XE8

Raize Software is pleased to announce that the Raize Palette Menu has been updated to support Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 (including Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8).

For more information about the Raize Palette Menu, click here.