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Demo Program & Trial Edition

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Effectively Using Raize Components
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UI Design with Raize Components and RAD Studio XE2
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UI Design with Raize Components
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Demonstration Program

Raize Components comes with an extensive demonstration program that highlights many of the product's features. A compiled version of this demonstration program is available here for download. Full source code for the demonstration program is included with the product. The demonstration program is made up entirely of Raize Components controls with the exception of the program's main menu and a two popup-menus. However, the display of these menus is controlled by the TRzMenuController used in the program.

The demonstration program is broken up into several views with each view highlighting a certain group of components. For example, the Custom Framing view highlights the capabilities of our Custom Framing technology. Other views include Edits, List Boxes, and Buttons.

The screenshots below highlight a few of the views:

Page Controls & Tab Controls

Display Controls


To Install the Demonstration Program

Simply download the zip file and extract the contents of the file into a separate folder and then simply execute the RCDemo.exe program.

Download RCDemo.zip

Trial Edition

The following trial edition of Raize Components is provided as a courtesy to potential customers who are interested in evaluating the components included in this product. We thank you for your interest in Raize Components.

As is customary in most trial versions of Delphi and C++Builder components, the components in this trial edition are identical to the released versions except that they are only usable while Delphi or C++Builder is also running. That is, an application that uses any of the components in this trial edition can only execute if it is launched from within Delphi or C++Builder.

The Trial Edition has the same requirements as the released version.

To distribute applications created with Raize Components, you must purchase the retail version. For more information about purchasing Raize Components, click here.

To Install the Trial Edition

Simply download the zip file and extract the contents of the zip file to reveal the Readme.txt, License.txt, and RC6Trial.exe files. Please read the Readme.txt and License.txt files. To install the components, simply run the RC6Trial.exe installation program and follow the directions.

Download RC6Trial.zip