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CodeSite is available in two editions: CodeSite Express and CodeSite Studio. The Express edition includes core logging functionality but does not include the full range of functionality included in CodeSite Studio.

CodeSite Express is available in Embarcadero's RAD Studio (Delphi/C++Builder)

CodeSite Studio includes these additional features and capabilities:

Using TraceMethod to record both an EnterMethod and ExitMethod message with a single statement

Recording time durations using a built-in high-precision timer

Remote Destinations (i.e. transporting CodeSite messages to a remote machine)

Have logging classes directly connect to a remote CodeSite Dispatcher

Special event in logging classes to hook into logging process (VCL: OnSendMsg; .NET: Sending)

Sending Color, Point, Size, Rectangle structures

Sending Bitmaps, Icons, Images, Screen Shots

Sending Collections

Sending Controls, Parents, and Window Handles (WinForms)

Sending Custom Data and the ICodeSiteCustomData interface

Sending Text Files, Files, and Streams

SendIf methods

Sending System Info, Memory Status, and Stack Trace

Sending Xml Data and Xml Files

ExitMethodCollapse method

Event Log Methods: LogError, LogEvent, LogWarning

Writing values to the CodeSite Scratch Pad

.NET Configuration File Support