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The CodeSite Logging System comes with two viewers: the CodeSite Live Viewer (see below) and the CodeSite File Viewer. Developers will most often use the CodeSite Live Viewer, which is updated immediately as new CodeSite logging messages are received from the CodeSite Dispatcher. As a result, the Live Viewer is required for live logging.

Click image for a larger view. Both viewers were created with Raize Components.

During file logging, the CodeSite Dispatcher writes the messages it receives directly to a CodeSite Log File. However, even with file logging, one must eventually view the file contents. Although log files can be loaded into the Live Viewer, this is not always practical especially if the Live Viewer is currently being updated during a live logging session. In addition, there are features in the Live Viewer, such as the Scratch Pad, that are only applicable for live logging. As a result, the CodeSite File Viewer is associated with the CodeSite Log File extension (*.csl).

Both viewers include a wide variety of inspectors and other tools specifically designed for analyzing CodeSite messages. For example, full searching on message text (including message details) is available. Plus, you can isolate messages that match defined criteria into their own views. You can even let the Message Organizer take care of this task for you automatically.

The CodeSite Live/File Viewer also supports CodeSite Project files, which allows you to save your custom filter criteria as well as all of the views you have created during the current session. By saving this information to a CodeSite Project file you can quickly restore these settings the next time your work on your application.

The CodeSite Live/File Viewer is a core piece of the CodeSite Logging System and is part of the CodeSite Tools, which means that it can be freely redistributed to provide logging services on any system.