TRzTabControl - fixed multiline?

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TRzTabControl - fixed multiline?

Postby Marek » Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:22 pm

Hi Ray,

if we have many lines with the tabs and we activate some tab, then the entire line is switched to the bottom line. Would it be possible somehow do not to switch the entire line but only mark the tab als active? The tab lines should be so long fixed so long the size of the tab control not changes.
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Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:09 am

Re: TRzTabControl - fixed multiline?

Postby Raize Support » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:05 am


There is no setting to control the movement of the tabs when they are multi-line. The metaphor is for the active tab to appear "at the front".

Personally, I do not like Multi-Line tabs at all, and I would recommend using a single line of tabs with a dropdown menu. This functionality is built into the TRzPageControl and TRzTabControl.

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