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Int64 not processed

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:38 am
by hschmid67
Hello Ray,

I just discovered this strange behaviour:

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  lINumber: Integer;
  lI64Number: Int64;
  lVNumber: Variant;
  lINumber := 12345;
  lI64Number := lINumber;
  lVNumber := lI64Number;
  CodeSite.SendVariant('INumber', lINumber);
  CodeSite.SendVariant('I64Number', lI64Number);
  CodeSite.SendVariant('VNumber', lVNumber);

I only get one line in Codesite with the INumber. Both Int64-values are not processed and there is no output.

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INumber = 12345

with this setting

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  lINumber := 12345;
  lI64Number := 12345;
  lVNumber := 12345;

and the same Codesite-Lines I get two lines of output

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INumber = 12345
VNumber = $3039

The Int64-Value is never logged.
Did I miss something or is this a bug?


Re: Int64 not processed

PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:26 am
by Raize Support
Hi Harald,

Thanks for the report. Yes, this is a bug in the CodeSiteLogging unit and the SendVariant method. The problem is that the SendVariant method does not handle the varInt64 variant type. We will address this for the next release.