TRzSendMessage - How to set up

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TRzSendMessage - How to set up

Postby Bazzer747 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:43 am

I'd like to use this component for my USers to email me about issues with the application.

Do you have any example code of how it is set up? I see it uses MAPI but can't see where you set the MAPI parameters
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Re: TRzSendMessage - How to set up

Postby Raize Support » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:38 pm

As you noted, the component does utilize the Messaging API (MAPI). This means that in order for the component to send a message, a MAPI compliant email client needs to be installed on the computer. Most email clients support MAPI, but I'll be honest when MAPI doesn't work, it can be a pain to track down because MAPI is notorious for obscure error messages. The classic is Error Code 2: General Error.

The component was created waaay back when Microsoft had a Windows 95 Logo requirement to include email support in your applications. The component simply captures a list of recipients, subject, body, attachments, and uses the Messaging API to send the message. What this means is that when you hit Send, the message is put into the "outbox" of the installed mail client. The component does allow the Compose dialog box to be displayed.

With all this said, to simply send an email message, you may wish to consider using the TIdSMTP component that is included with Indy components in RAD Studio. You will need to provide a SMTP mail server, but other than that it is pretty straightforward and does not require an email client to be available.

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